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This is a call for papers for


Dates: June 7 and 8, 2002

Place: University College of Cape Breton, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Papers on any topic related to storytelling such as innovative uses of
storytelling in academic and other disciplines are welcome. However, this
year we are focussing on culture and stereotype. We are looking for papers
that, for example, examine the role of culture and stereotype in shaping the
story and the reception of the story; or their use, as for example by the
media, to remove or create cultural barriers.

The Symposium combines a formal day segment which is set aside for the
delivery of scholarly papers and presentations to a mixed audience, and an
informal evening segment featuring professional storytellers. Papers should
be no more than 10 or 11 typewritten pages in order to be delivered in 20

Queries, one page proposals, or completed papers may be sent to Afra
Kavanagh at

<[log in to unmask]>, or to the address listed below. The deadline is January
31, 2002.

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