2nd Library Tour of Cuba
        February 04 - February 18 , 2002

The first Library Tour of Cuba last February was
extremely successful. This second tour is being
organized in response to demand.

Seeing is believing and the Cuban Government wants you
to see and experience the library and education
services that are provided
for its citizens and to enjoy the beauty of the island
and the warmth of its people. You will have the
opportunity to learn 'first hand' all about Cuban
libraries as well as acquaint yourself with Cuban
literature, culture, history, music.... and much more.

Probably the main factors in making this an experience
you will remember for life, are the contacts and new
friends you will make -- both with the other
participants on the tour and your Cuban colleagues.

New this year will be a visit to the Havana
International Book Fair. France will be the Guest of
Honour at this Fair, and the theme will be 'Reading
means Growth'.  Other cities on this tour include
and Santiago de Cuba.

You need not be a librarian to participate in
the tour, but a love of literature, learning, music
books would certainly help!

For more information, & costs see the website:

Personal webpages from last trip can be found at:
Cuban National Library press release:

Library Tour 2 - Feb. 4 - 18, 2002
organized by Susan Weber, MLS & Joyce Holmes,
Friendship Tours
Please direct inquiries to
Susan: (604) 876-6917  eves
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Joyce:  (604)585-4848 days
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