Call for Trainers

The Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP) is
developing two new courses that will be released in 2002:  Advanced
Serials Cataloging Workshop and Electronic Serials Workshop. The
courses are based on the revised chapters 9 and 12 of AACR2 and
release of the courses will be timed to the publication of Chapter 12
(probably mid-2002).  Advanced Serials is a two day course, consisting
1.5 days of training and a half day devoted to special problems and
cataloging exercises.  Electronic Serials is a one-day course that
includes cataloging rules as well as sessions that deal with
aggregations, single-record approach and problem solving.  Kristin
Lindlan (University of Washington) and Meg Mering (University of
Nebraska-Lincoln) are designing the Advanced Serials course; Steve
Shadle (University of Washington) and Les Hawkins (Library of
Congress) are designing the Electronic Serials Course.

SCCTP is a program of the CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials
Program).  SCCTP provides training materials and trains experienced
catalogers to present the materials but does not sponsor the actual
workshops.  SCCTP trainers work with workshop sponsors to set dates
and all expenses are paid by the sponsor.  Honoraria are given at the
discretion of the sponsor.  Complete information on SCCTP is available

Two train-the-trainer sessions are scheduled for January 2002.  The
first will take place in conjunction with ALA Midwinter in New
Orleans, Wed.-Fri. Jan. 16-18.  The second will be held in Toronto,
Canada at Ryerson University in conjunction with the Ontario Library
Association meeting, Mon.-Wed. Jan. 28-30.  The first two days of each
session will be devoted to Advanced Serials.  The third day will cover
Electronic Serials.  Trainers may attend either session or both.
There is no cost for the training or the materials but trainees are
responsible for paying their own expenses.


General requirements:
Experience in training, such as SCCTP workshops, other
cataloging-related workshops, or significant in-house training.
Support of your institution in providing your expenses to attend the
training session and in providing paid leave of absence for you to
give two SCCTP workshops a year.  The number actually given may vary,
depending on demand and the availability of a trainer.

Advanced serials:  Preferably a minimum of 5 years of experience
working with a variety of different and complex serials, including
translations and editions, supplements, microforms, and reprints.
Experience should be such that a trainer is comfortable handling
problems brought to the class by participants.  The focus of the
course is on print serials and serials cataloging in general.
Revisions to Chapter 12 will also be a key feature of the course.

Electronic serials:  Preferably a minimum of 3 years of experience
working with electronic serials.  Note: this course will deal
exclusively with online serials and will not cover direct access, such
as CD-ROM.  Experience with aggregations, the single record approach,
policy-making within your institution, and knowledge of current issues
are also desirable.

To apply:

Current SCCTP trainers of the Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop:
Send an email to Jean Hirons ([log in to unmask]) indicating which courses
you would like to give (Advanced, E-serials, both) and which training
session you would like to attend.

All others:  Send an email to Jean Hirons ([log in to unmask]) with the
following information:

1.  Your name, title, mailing and email addresses and telephone and
fax numbers.
2.  Which courses you would like to be considered
eligible to give (Advanced, E-Serials, both)
3.  Which session you would like to attend (New Orleans, Toronto)
4.  A brief description of your serials cataloging experience,
your experience with cataloging electronic serials, and your
experience with providing cataloging or other training
5.  Names of three references who can attest to your cataloging
experience and training ability

Please send in applications or expressions of interest by: October
26, 2001.  Responses regarding acceptance will be sent as soon as
possible upon receipt of application to enable travel planning.  A
maximum of 30 people in each session may limit acceptance.

Jean Hirons
CONSER Coordinator
Serial Record Division
Library of Congresss
101 Independence Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20540-4160
voice: (202) 707-5947
fax: (202) 707-1778
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Norine Hanus
Collections Librarian
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