To all those interested:

My name is Paul J Graham and I am a Dalhousie Library Student.  My summer position involves the task of dismantling the Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Library SNSMR in Halifax, NS.  The library itself has been in service since 1973 and is not very large, consisting of approximately 6 stacks of books, reports, manuals, etc. etc.  You may know of it under the name "Municipal Affairs Library"  

This summer project involves dispersing the bulk of the collection to libraries or interested organizations external to the government.  Some of the topics include: Planning, Environment, Harbours, Property Tax, Heritage Buildings (history), Social planning, Physically Challenged (handicapped is the access title), as well as a variety of other resources.  These resources are mainly government documents and also include other provinces such as New Brunswick, Ontario, and BC.   

I have been in contact with local libraries and some community colleges.  The process involves sending these institutions a list of items to be dispersed and having them send back a list of items that they want.  Then I box the items and at the end of the summer they will be sent out to the different libraries/organizations.  My alternative plan is to send the documents to the National Book exchange in Ontario. 

Anyone who is interested in having some items/resources can call me at 902 - 424 - 5965  or send an e-mail.  I have included an attachment in this e-mail which is a random sample of the library inventory list.  Thank you.  

Paul J Graham