We will indeed be converging like heck here in Charlottetown in just
a matter of hours.  Yes, it is finally here.  APLA 2001!
And how will you recognize we conference committee members when you
arrive you ask?  Well, we just had a long meeting and have
co-ordinated our ensembles so that we 'converge' as in the 3 colours
in our logo (logo thanks to the creativity of Donald Moses of Holland
College) know, the yellow and blue make green and so
converge..get it?   Whenever we come together it will be really scary
but you will definitely know we are committee members.  We are
also planning having some aerial shots done sort like a SuperBowl
half time show...okay, okay, we will have name tags on that say
Conference Committee highlighted in blue.  And we will be the ones
that look kind of tired yet hyper.

Please converge at the Registration desk at the Delta and pick up
your many goodies.  Avoid that mad and downright silly rush at 8:18
Friday morning and take advantage of our Thursday hours which begin
at 3pm and go right through to 9pm and then we open for business
again at 7:30 Friday morning.    Speaking of goodies, the door prizes
just keep rolling in.  Prize draws will be happening in the Exhibits
area during some of the refreshment breaks and both Friday and
Saturday lunch breaks.  A ballot will be included in your
registration packages.  Fill it out and put it in the ballot box to
be eligible for the draws.  Many institutions, exhibitors, local
businesses and individuals have contributed some great
'stuff'...don't miss out!

You will also find a conference evaluation form in your package.
Please fill it out and return it to the Registration desk.  This
information not only helps us but helps future conferences just get
better and better.

And yet another box will be at the Registration Desk for you to
recycle your plastic name tag holder thingies.  Having just
paid for these little darlings, I can tell you that it only makes
sense (and cents) to NOT carry them home to pollute some desk
drawer when another conference will be most grateful to have them.

So converge we will!  We hope everyone has a safe journey and a great
conference.  And note that I did not make in all these months not one
stupid Survivor being voted off the Island reference nor did I think
it was a great idea to say anything about not having to worry about
being the "Weakest Link" considering all of you that could be coming
via our dear bridge otherwise fondly known as the Fixed Link.  And is
Buffy really dead or what?  For those of you that know what the heck
I am referring to, we shall have our own special Interest Group
supper Friday night.  On yet another personal note, if anyone could
pick up a few of those beautiful Bay of Fundy round rocks and leave
them at the desk for me, there is an extra pen in it for you. They
are very "exotic" on this dear Isle of sand and shale.

It has been most interesting being the conference mouth piece on the
APLA list-serv all these months.  And thanks to all those who have
sent along their positive comments and encouragement.  Keep in mind
that I would have had no "material" (well, I would have had to make
it "all" up) if I had not had so much to yack about and that comes
from the results of the work, planning, and organization of all the
conference commitee members.  They are Betty, Norine, Andrea,
Suzanne, Nicky, Donald, Dawn, Susan, Brenda, Don, Simon, Sandra, and
Leo.  As you thank a higher power that you are not organizing the
conference this year and can really and truly enjoy converging all
weekend through, think warm thoughts about these people and the many
other volunteers that are making this happen and yes, your time is
coming!   And now for APLA 2001!

Sharon Clark for APLA 2001