Associated Alumni, School of Library and Information Studies,
Dalhousie University

Call for Nominations:

As chair of the current Dalhousie School of Library and Information
Studies Associated Alumni, I would like to extend a call for
nominations to fill the following postitions for 2001-2002.

Alumni Executive
1. Chair (Chair in 2001, Past Chair in 2002)
2. Co-Chair (Co-Chair in 2001, Chair in 2002, Past Chair in 2003)
3. Secretary-Treasurer (1 year term)
4. Member-at-Large (1 year term)

School Committee Representatives
1. Admissions and Scholarships (1 rep, 2 years)
2. Curriculum and Continuing Education
(2 reps, 2 years -1 position to fill)
3. Petitions and Grievances (2 reps, 2 years)

If you are interested in serving on the Executive or as an Alumni
Representative on a School Committee, or know of someone you would
like to nominate, please send your name (or the nominee's name)
address/e-mail address, and telephone number to:

David McDonald
[log in to unmask]
(902) 463-9227
31 Dundas Street #2
B2Y 2T8

Nominations will be considered at the Associated Alumni's Annual
General Meeting to be held:
Saturday, June 2   (5:00 p.m. Room 319 at the Delta Prince Edward
Hotel, Charlottetown PEI)

David McDonald                     Internet: [log in to unmask]
Medianet Application Specialist    Phone: (902)422-1973 ext.197
Dymaxion Research Ltd.             Fax: (902)421-1267