The APLA conference is almost here and we have something to get you in the
proper frame of mind - a quiz that tests your knowledge of APLA and
libraries in the Atlantic provinces.  And there is a PRIZE.  First the
quiz and then the rules.  Then how you can learn more about the

1. Who was in charge of the PEI Carnegie Demonstration?

2. What community service did the Mount St. Vincent gatehouse library
provide in the 1940s?

3. What university library ran bookmobiles for the public, offered courses
in library studies, and should be known as the home of the Maritime
Library Association?

4. What was B.I.G.?

5. Who received the 1980 Alberta Letts Memorial Award, and for what

6. What well known Maritime librarian was born on December 22 and had
his/her birth announced in the Bulletin?  [All answers accepted, but if
your answer doesn't match that of the quiz masters, you may be asked to
present a birth certificate - or a witness!]

7. From 1957-1972 the Association prepared a bibliography of publications
relating to the Atlantic Provinces, what was its name?

8-9. Briefly, who were E. J. Lay and Mary Kinley Ingraham? [1 point each]

10. What role did W. C. Milner play in the early years of the MLA?

WHAT IS THE PRIZE? A one-year membership in APLA, or the equivalent as a
donation, in your name, to the APLA Memorial Trust Fund - your choice.

HOW DO YOU ENTER? Get your answers to Suzanne Sexty by mail [Queen
Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NF,
AIB 3Y1], e-mail [[log in to unmask]], or at the conference .  Answers must be
received by June 15, 2001 to be eligible.

WHO WILL WIN? The winner will be drawn from the names on entries which
have the highest number of correct answers.  Give the quiz a try.  Even if
you get only one correct, you may be in the group that has the most
correct answers.

                Can't answer all of the questions?
    Want to know more about the early years of the Association?
  Come to Fire, Brimstone, and a Spot of Tea: the beginnings of APLA
                 #207, Friday, June 1, 1:30-3:00