Dr. James Nyce, currently Associate Professor in the School of Library and
Information Management at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas, has
been invited to Dalhousie as a candidate for a joint faculty position in
the area of information systems design and development in the Schools of
Library and Information Studies and Business Administration. He will be on
campus this week on Thursday and Friday, 3rd-4th May.

You are invited to attend a public lecture which Dr. Nyce will give as

Title: "Tacit Knowledge, Common Sense, and Work in Specialist

Date: Thursday, 3rd May 2001, 2:00 p.m.

Location: Room 212 School of Business Administration

  Abstract: This lecture will look at what constitutes "work" in clinical
  consultations. In this study, it was found that pathologists and
  surgeons both share and do not share similar understandings of what a
  "consultation" is. Also, the same objects (the product of offstage work)
  can be used and defined differently depending on how a particular
  consultation is framed.

    The lecture will address the issue of what in Human Computer
  Interaction (HCI) research constitutes a "strong enough" analysis. To do
  this, the talk will look at the role tacit knowledge has had in
  telemedicine efforts intended to support physician consultations. The
  lecture will also sketch out some of the pragmatic benefits that an
  approach to HCI can have which tries to take "common sense" apart.

    Among the benefits, this kind of HCI can help support business goals
  and agendas. In particular, HCI, when integrated into a design,
  manufacture, and client review cycle, can help industry and
  organizations define the right product and deliver it to the right
  customer. As such, HCI would be one of agendas, methods, and
  strategies management informatics can call upon.