First-ever comprehensive reference on BC available now

Print and CD-ROM editions

Encyclopedia of British Columbia
Daniel Francis, Editorial Director
ISBN 1-55017-200-X 8.5 x  11
824 pp, 1500+ photos, illustrations, maps and charts
$99.99 Full-colour hardcover print edition
and companion CD-ROM edition

"[T]here is much to be learned here for all Canadians.
Daniel Francis is a widely respected historian who has
done a masterful job--for more than 10 years--of shepherding
this enormous project to completion. There are more than
4,000 articles, ranging from the economy to society to arts
and cultural life. Many have been written by specialists in
the field and represent the current state of thinking or
research on subjects like the future of the forest industries
or the political currents generated by the Nisga'a Treaty."
--Roger Hall, The Globe and Mail

More than ten years in the making, the encyclopedia
is the most comprehensive and fascinating reference
work on BC ever published. A million words of
essential BC knowledge richly illustrated in full-colour
and on multimedia CD-ROM:

More than 4,000 articles by leading BC experts
Thousands of historic and contemporary photographs
Hundreds of maps, charts and diagrams
A goldmine of useful statistics
Cross-referenced and indexed

"It is clearly written, nicely organized, politically balanced
and makes frequent use of explanatory pictures, maps and
charts. . . . As far as I know, it's the first succinct source for
immediate answers to historical, economic, geographical
or miscellaneous questions concerning BC."
--Barry Link, Vancouver Courier

An encyclopedia in the classic sense, the EBC
touches every facet of British Columbia from the
formation of the Coast Mountains to the evolution
of aboriginal art to the development of the Ballard
fuel cell. Geography, history, economics, art,
forestry, First Nations and other major topics are
the subjects of feature essays by leading

"The EBC is lively, serious, profusely illustrated, authoritative,
funny, and a thing we should all be proud of. . . . No
household in British Columbia should be without one."
--Terry Glavin, Georgia Straight

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additional information, updates and excerpts.

"From abalone to George Zukerman, the Encyclopedia
of BC is packed with weighty entries."
--Tom Barrett, Vancouver Sun

"BC's first-ever encyclopedia is a magnificent accomplishment.
The CD-ROM adds a significant dimension to an already impressive
publication. It includes the full content of the squashed-tree version,
complete with hyperlinks, and it really shines in its audio-visual
material. This is a book that should be on every desk.
I don't know how we ever got along without it."
--Russ Francis,

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