My final comment. I strongly recommend that all true-born librarians
read the last issue of American Libraries, Feb. 2001, p.30-32. Here is
another American point of view, refreshing, hopeful and not all black and
white, rather colourful. I don't think Mr. Kent could accuse Larry Oberg,
director of the Willamette College Library (Oreg.) or AL senior editor
George M. Eberhart of being communists (Oh Dear!): they would have been
arrested long ago or accused of being spies for Fidel. I would rather agree
with Eliades Acosta, director of Biblioteca Nacional Josť Marti, when he
says:"Cuban public libraries are suffering because the blockade (US
embargo). Daily operations are a struggle with very limited resources". And
Mr. Kent's dissidents are not librarians but "self-professed political
dissidents and spoke openly and apparently without fear of reprisal".
Reprisal from Fidel, of course.

        Now that the US of A have a First Lady Librarian, things may change
for the better. Meanwhile, have a nice virtual visit:


        P.S. I have had the privilege of visiting La Biblioteca Nacional
Josť Marti, but that was in 1975. I am willing to go back anytime,
especially to see the progress made and I won't stop on American soil, it is
a promise.


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     Regarding Mr. Arcand's recommendation that an APLA delegation visit
Cuba, the Friends of Cuban Libraries support this suggestion (and we would
encourage the delegation to take a few banned books for the independent
librarians, such as George Orwell's "1984").  Mr. Arcand may be unaware that
the CLA has already condemned the Cuban government's repression of the
independent librarians.  As Kathleen De Long, the president of CACUL, stated
in a letter to President Castro: "In persecuting and harassing members of
Cuban library community, your government is striking at the heart of the
principles espoused and acted upon by librarians worldwide."