Digital Licensing Seminar

Please excuse cross postings.  Posted by Jerremie
Clyde on behalf of Lesley Ellen Harris.

My next digital licensing seminar will take place on
April 3 from 1:30-4:30 pm in Toronto. In this half day
seminar, participants will be led through a
clause-by-clause analysis of a typical licensing
agreement. The seminar will examine: licensing
arrangements generally; what uses of works can be made
through a licensing agreement; sublicenses and
secondary rights; moral rights; compensation; duration
of a licensing agreement; who owns what; revocation of
rights in certain circumstances; credits; and
warranties and indemnities. Anyone involved in the use
or licensing of digital materials, including
publishers, photographers, writers, Web site and
CD-ROM developers, those in museums, archives,
libraries, educational institutions and governments
are encouraged to attend. This Digital Licensing
seminar has previously been held in Chicago, Los
Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, New York, Phoenix,
San Jose (CA), London (England), Vancouver, Calgary,
Edmonton, Ottawa, and Toronto.
Comprehensive materials with references to sample
licenses will be emailed to all participants in
advance of the seminar.

As the e-commerce company with whom I currently work
cannot accept Canadian currency, the seminar is priced
in US currency at $100 plus GST, totally $107 US.

At this point in time registration is open, you may
pay at:

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