As you sit with your pen poised over your registration form and
checklist (or your mouse ready to click on the online forms at the
web site ) and you may be
thinking should I go to the banquet this year?  Will there be
important people there?  Will I have a chance to dance with them?
The answers- yes, yes, and  maybe. And if you don't usually go
and are thinking I could go to the Ole' Dublin pub instead...this is
the banquet and conference to begin your new tradition.  You can go
to the Ole' Dublin after...if you have the energy.

We are looking forward to having the National Librarian, Roch
Carrier speak at this year's banquet and we are sure you will enjoy
the band Celtic Tide later in the evening.  Please see below the
description of the conference banquet and the band Celtic Tide as
copied from our Social Events section of the Conference Web site.
Now lower that pen and put a check mark by #320 on your
checklist.  Converge at the banquet!

                    Merit Award Banquet and Dance
                    Saturday, June 2nd
                    7:00 pm
                    (tickets are $38.00 each)

                    This year's Merit Award banquet will feature dinner speaker
                    Roch Carrier, National Librarian of Canada. In his
                    presentation, the National Librarian will provide his views on
                    the future direction of the National Library of Canada as
                    well as reviewing where it has been. He will stress the
                    importance of connectivity, access to information for all
                    Canadians, and the importance for libraries to be leaders in
                    information technology.

                    After the banquet, we will be entertained by Island group
                    Celtic Tide. Composed of five first cousins, Celtic Tide come
                    by their talent naturally. They are fourth generation
                    musicians, part of the Chaisson Dynasty of fiddle players on
                    Prince Edward Island. Though they stick pretty close to
                    their roots, featuring traditional tunes and original music in
                    the same style, the addition of drums and guitars gives the
                    band a contemporary rock sound. They released the album
                    Kindle in the fall of 2000. The band was nominated for the
                    New Artist/Group of the Year award at the 2001 East Coast
                    Music Awards. Be sure to visit their website at
           and get a preview of their