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        Anything to make this situation clearer could help, specially the
main conclusions of the report.
                                        Thank you.

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Jean-Claude/Wendy  - I went to the meeting in Washington at which the Task
Force appointed to look into the Cuban situation reported its findings to
the ALA's International Relations Committee (IRC). The Task Force
recommended taking no further action. After about ten minutes discussion
with Task Force members the Committee agreed.  A day or two later the IRC
presented its Report to he ALA Council (the policy making body of the
Association) which included its adoption of the Task Force recommendation.
The Report was received by Council without question or comment.

Do you think it worthwhile my posting the above information to the APLA
list as providing some additional context in this matter or do you think
we should let it drop now ?  I appreciate that Mr Kent may respond as he
apparently has access to the APLA list but I would be interested in
receiving your views.

(I saw Mr Kent at the IRC meeting as an observer, as I was, but I didn't
see him at the Council meeting, by the way.)

Norman Horrocks, Scarecrow Press.

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, Arcand, Jean-Claude (LEG) wrote:

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>         I am not concerned at all with Mr. Kent, only with APLA'S
> objectivity.
>                                                         Hasta luego!
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> Subject: Kent
> M Arcand,
> Merci for your concern about R. Kent.
> WR