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APLA-LIST  October 2001

APLA-LIST October 2001


The Disseminator, September 2001


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Please find attached the September issue of The Disseminator or go to
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V.8, N.8 September 2001
An electronic newsletter from the Nova Scotia Provincial Library

3770 Kempt Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4X8             =20
(902) 424-2457; FAX (902) 424-0633
Also available on the Web at:

To subscribe to THE DISSEMINATOR, send a message to
[log in to unmask] and enter the following text in the body of the
message: subscribe dissem-list yourfirstname yourlastname.  Comments on or=
for THE DISSEMINATOR should be directed to Arlene Watts at=
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News from the Regions
News from the School of Library and Information Studies, Dalhousie=
Nova Scotia Provincial Library News
Hot Tips and Updates:
McClure Visit
National Conference on Learning Disabilities
CLA Conference
Summer Reading Programme

Reference on the Net=20
Professional Reading

Annapolis Valley Regional Library (AVRL)
CAP - Community Access Program
The Wolfville CAP Site was asked to submit a proposal for sustainability=
 funding which is being
made available to the program's initial sites.

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library was the recipient of a grant through=
 the LibraryNet program
which provided three youth (30 years of age or under) to work in branch=
 libraries to deliver
programming in conjunction with technology.  Some of the programs to be=
 delivered are
after-school programs for various age groups.  These include pre-school=
 programs where children
hear a story then view the subject on the Internet, one-on-one tutorials,=
 workshops, and tea time
for seniors.

Smart Communities
The Smart Libraries project is proceeding on schedule.  This is a very=
 exciting time for staff as
they look toward offering services beyond the walls of our libraries,=
 promoting existing services
and putting libraries in a very visible position.
Branch Services Report, September 2001
The provincial Summer Reading Program theme Don't Bug Me...I'm Reading! was=
 a huge
success.   It is not surprising that bugs proved to be a popular topic with=
 most children.  In
Annapolis Royal, student Alycia Reynolds developed four weekly story and=
 craft sessions with two
age groups, using a different bug each week as the theme.  She initiated a=
 Tuesday evening "Just
Before Bedtime" session for all ages.  Children were encouraged to wear=
 their "jammies" and
bring a favourite stuffed toy.  An end-of-the-summer party was held for all=
 those who participated
in the programs.  They enjoyed games, snacks and the movie "Bug's Life".  In=
 Middleton, similar
children's programming took place throughout the summer through the efforts=
 of student Karen
Gaetz.  Stories, crafts, tutorials, and a trivia contest were featured=
 events.  Kingston branch held a
popular Dead Bug Contest (no deliberately-killed bugs were accepted!). =
 Entries were bagged and
displayed on a library wall.   Judging took place for "longest legs",=
 "biggest bug", "greatest
wingspan" etc.  Wolfville student, Leigh-Ellen Dunstan, established a weekly=
 Tales for Tots (ages
2-5); a Kids Club (ages 6-12); a monthly Coffee and Conversation for adults;=
 and contributed to a
weekly newspaper column promoting these events.  An end-of-the-season Bug=
 Ball closed out the
summer fun at the Wolfville Library.  Bug expert, Bruce Carter from the=
 Dept. of Natural
Resources, held a popular bug identification session in 9 libraries. =
 Children and adults alike were
fascinated with his displays of bugs from around the world.
Computer sessions were held in most branches throughout the summer and will=
 continue into the
fall.   Special features included the Kids Cybercamp at the Kingston Library=
 for ages 8-11 held
during the first week of August; and Kool Kids at the Wolfville CAP Lab.
Kentville recently hosted an Evening Tea Party featuring books from Oprah's=
 Book Club. =20
Refreshments were served. =20

Kentville Librarian, Winnie Stephens-Wills, announced her retirement after=
 almost 20 years with
AVRL.  As well, Wolfville Librarian Sharon Wendt, tendered her resignation=
 as Branch Manager
after 13 years.  Patrons will miss seeing their smiling, familiar faces.  =

Staff member Catherine Whitney, and children's librarian, Kitty Forrestall,=
 will be visiting schools
throughout the Valley during September and October to promote the services=
 offered by the
libraries and bookmobiles.

Staff are excited about the prospects of expansion at the Middleton branch=
 and continued plans
for a new Windsor library.=20

Cape Breton Regional Library (CBRL)
Fall 2001 is a busy time at the Cape Breton Regional Library.  September is=
 filled with the closing
ceremonies at all the Cape Breton Regional Library Branches where we=
 recognize and
congratulate our summer readers.  This year's Summer Reading Program, Don't=
 Bug me!...I'm
Reading! has been a great success, 736 children read an impressive 12,854=
 books in conjunction
with the program.  As Summer Reading concluded, Celtic Conversations began. =
 The McConnell
Library hosted Celtic Conversations as part of the Celtic Colours=
 International Festival.  The topic
this year was Examining the Historical, Cultural, and Artistic Expression of=
 the Celtic Peoples held
at the McConnell Library, October 12.

With the conclusion of Celtic Conversations, the Cape Breton Regional=
 Library, with the
assistance of the University College of Cape Breton will host NSLA 2001. =
 Visit the web site and
register for a great conference at either of the following=
 http://nsla.ns.ca/ or

Colchester-East Hants Regional Library (CEHRL)
Getting connected ..., an article in the September issue of the Central Nova=
 Business News (the
official publication of the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce) profiled=
 the work of the
Website Co-ordination Committee.  The library has been an active participant=
 since the inaugural
meeting in June.  Recognizing that the creation of one inclusive site for=
 Colchester County would
be unwieldy and a nightmare to maintain, members are learning about each=
 other's web sites.=20
The focus is then on the use of hot links to avoid duplication and to guide=
 visitors from one site to
another, thereby creating a co-operative Colchester presence on the world=
 wide web.

The Gates Learning Centre for Electronic Information in the Truro library=
 has become the
favoured location for the committee's meetings.  In the above mentioned=
 article, chamber
vice-president and committee chair, Bob Williams praises the facility and=
 encourages "anyone
who does not own or have easy access to a PC and the internet [to] take a=
 look at the Gates
Centre".   =20

Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL)
This summer, in an effort to extend access to the library's collection,=
 Donna Doyle, Community
Relations Assistant, introduced more than 60 people to the Eastern Counties=
 Regional Library
website through Web Training workshops at CAP sites and library branches..=

Patrons at the new CAP site in Marie Joseph, District of St. Mary's, learned=
 to search and request
books and information online. The CAP site provides a convenient location to=
 drop off library
books.  New library cards were issued and patrons searched for everything=
 from quilt patterns to
custom car restoration.

Family Reading Program Co-ordinator, Joyce Rankin, reported that the series=
 of summer story
hours was very successful.  Young readers in Waycobah, L'Ardoise, Judique=
 and Inverness were
given the opportunity to develop their listening skills and increase their=
 enthusiasm.  Because
there was a shortage of multicultural Big Books and Flannel Board stories=
 for use in Chapel Island
and Waycobah, Joyce created a collection of Flannel Board stories that could=
 be used throughout
the coverage area of ECRL.  Using Native-Canadian and African legends, she=
 created stories and
figures to reflect appropriate role models and messages and depict examples=
 of heritage
In late September at Port Hawkesbury's Ship Harbour Days celebration, local=
 writers were invited
to read a sample from their original works to a receptive audience of more=
 than 45 persons at the
first ever "Waterfront Readings."   In addition to ten members of the=
 newly-established Write Club,
the event welcomed special guest authors, Dan Doucet and Beatrice MacNeil. =
 Both writers have
books that are included in the ECRL collection.

During the latter part of August, ECRL was pleased to act as the Regional=
 Library pilot site for the
newly purchased MultiLIS inventory module. The target for this project was=
 the School Services
collection which is located in library headquarters.

Over 5000 shelf items were inventoried by the library's YCW grant worker=
 over the 5 day period. =20
Scanned bar codes were uploaded and reports run daily to identify missing=
 materials and items
with problem status codes.  With the inventory modules, it is now possible=
 to identify and correct
all items that do not have the proper location and collection code, or with=
 problem bar codes. =20

Lesley Carruthers joined ECRL's ranks as Co-ordinator of Rural and Outreach=
 Services.  A
resident of Port Hawkesbury, Lesley brings to ECRL a background in the=
 public education system
as well as extensive involvement in community-based literacy organizations=
 and initiatives.  Media
communications, promotional activities, and fund-raising campaigns are just=
 some of the things
that will keep Lesley busy!=20

Halifax Regional Library (HRL)
Official Tantallon Public Library Opening
The long-awaited Tantallon Public Library celebrated its official opening on=
 Saturday, October 13
at 10 am.  "We're pleased to be opening a new and much-needed branch in this=
 rapidly growing
area of HRM," says Judith Hare, Chief Executive Officer, Halifax Regional=
 Library.  "By opening in
Tantallon, The Halifax Regional Library is also fulfilling a bigger mandate=
 to provide service in
areas outside the urban core."  The new 12,000 square foot library, with a=
 collection capacity of
53,000 volumes, will service a rapidly growing area currently served by=
 library Mobile Service.  It
contains a large meeting room which may be booked for community meetings and=
 functions, a
multi-media collection, public access computer terminals, study and reading=
 areas as well as a
pre-school area.  It will also feature both children's and adult=

Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library (PARL)=20
The Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library recently hired two Technical Training=
 Assistants to help
patrons with any problems they may have using computers.  As the price of=
 computers continues
to slowly drop, their use by all age groups continues to rise.  As long as=
 this trend continues, the
need for free, one-on-one training remains an important service the library=
 would like to provide.=20
In the past it has been very popular and thanks to a new Industry Canada=
 Library Net grant Amy
Sutherland and Brandi Bowman have been selected to fill these positions. =
 Amy will be conducting
training sessions at our River John and Pictou branches, as well as the=
 Scotsburn CAP site
located at the Scotsburn Elementary School.  At the other end of the region,=
 Brandi will be
available at our Antigonish branch, the East Antigonish Education=
 Center/Academy in Monastery,
the Braemore Center, and the numerous CAP sites around that county.=20
Story Time started the week of September 24 at all branches except Trenton,=
 where it will begin=20
early in the New Year.  On the evening of Wednesday, October 10, at 7:00=
 p.m., the regional CAP
Committee held the official grand opening ceremony for the new CAP site in=
 the Westville Library.=20
On hand to mark the occasion was CAP Coordinator, Bernice Cameron and Fred=
Deputy Chief Librarian.
In programming news, the Pictou County Naturalist Club will host author,=
 hiking guru, and
Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Trails Federation, Michael Haynes. =
 Haynes will be
presenting his talk, New Hiking Trails in Nova Scotia Since 1995, a.k.a.-=
 Dawn Death Marches !
To increase the technical and research skills of younger patrons, Becky=
 Bowman was recently
hired under an Industry Canada Library Net grant.  As Children and Youth=
Coordinator, Becky will be developing a new program which will see her=
 working with children over
the ages of five and up to the teen years, assisting them with their=
 research and technical skills.=20
She will also be working with the mothers of the Story Time participants to=
 help them realize the
full potential of what the library has to offer.  In the past Becky has=
 worked with children in the
Summer Reading Program and over the past summer she acted as coordinator. =
 Fern MacDonald
and Jolene Shaw of the busy research department have just completed another=
 project for the
PARL home page.  To view their latest efforts please go to PARL's homepage=
 at www.parl.ns.ca=20
and click on Local History and Culture.  At this page, scroll down to the=
 bottom of the list and hit
Historic Log Church of Loch Broom.  Here you will be able to read yet=
 another chapter of Nova
Scotia's Scottish heritage.  This feature is a welcome complement to the=
 digital collection and
continues our commitment to increase online information and services. =
 Future projects include
the list of Place Names for Pictou and Antigonish Counties (courtesy of the=
 Nova Scotia Archives
and Records Managment) and The American Lobster.

PARL will soon take part in an innovative project with the New Glasgow=
 Branch of the Royal Bank.=20
Sponsored by the Canadian Bankers Association, this fact-finding initiative=
 has as it primary goal
to discover how financial institutions may be able to meet the growing needs=
 of library patrons and
CAP site users.  Staff from the bank will be visiting the library to provide=
 free one-on-one
introductory training for online banking.  In addition, 100 individuals will=
 be invited to attend an
introductory session to discuss the implications and future of this new=
 service.  This pilot project
will also take place at the River John branch.=20

Western Counties Regional Library
Board Profile - Robert Snelgrove
Robert was born in Parry Sound, Ontario.  He moved to Shelburne at a very=
 young age when his
father was posted in the area during the war.  He attended school in=
 Shelburne and in 1965 began
a career in the air force which spanned thirty years.  During this time=
 Robert rose from the rank of
Private to Captain.  His profession within the air force was that of Station=
 Comptroller.  Initial
comptroller  training was gained in St. Jean Quebec but education in the=
 field of finance was

During his years in the air force Robert had the opportunity to explore=
 various parts of Canada.  In
addition he spent six months in Bermuda  and he was assigned to a peace=
 keeping mission in
Egypt.  Robert recalls that his best job during his air force years was that=
 of CANEX Officer at the
Canadian Forces Exchange System in Suffield, Alberta.  The work, social life=
 and culture made
his stay a memorable one.

Since retiring from the air Force, Robert became involved in local politics.=
  He is currently serving
his second term on Shelburne Town Council.  In between civic=
 responsibilities, Robert can often
be found indulging in his favourite hobby - vegetable and flower gardening.

Smart Libraries Project
Participation in the Community Access Program led Western Counties Regional=
 Library to a
partnership with the Western Valley Development Authority.  Subsequently,=
 the work with the
WVDA has led to the library becoming part of the WVDA's application under=
 the Smart
Communites Project.  In May, 2000 when the WVDA became the Demonstration=
 Project for Nova
Scotia, Western Counties was part of the $4.5 million project.  Working with=
 Annapolis Valley
Regional Library, Western Counties is in the process of developing a Smart=
 Libraries project
which will extend library services via the Internet to all citizens in our=

The official launch of VISUNET CANADA, a service for print disabled=
 individuals, took place
during an Open House at the Yarmouth branch library on Wed. Aug. 8.  VISUNET=
 CANADA is a
partnership which links the resources of the Canadian National Institute for=
 the Blind Library with
libraries in Nova Scotia.  Guests at the Open House included Pat Campbell, =
 Vision Rehabilitation
Nurse and Chris Judge, Intake and Reference Manager for the CNIB.  VISUNET=
 provides print
disabled individuals with access to over 50,000 titles in alternate formats=
 such as braille, audio,
descriptive video and electronic text.=20

Summer Reading Winners
Kenzie Nickerson, Shelburne County, plans to share his new scooter and=
 helmet with his brother
Keagan.  Keagan was one of the provincial winners of a Bag of Books from=
 Tattletales.  Other
scooter winners were Brandon Madden from Yarmouth County and Thomas Saulnier=
 from Digby

This summer's reading program, sponsored by McDonald's, was by far the most=
 successful to
date with a 66% increase in children's books circulated over last year. =
 Children especially enjoyed
the "Who Wants to be a McMillionaire?" contest.  The more they read, the=
 better their chances
were of winning a grand prize!

Friends in Action
Clark's Harbour Friends of the Library had a successful 'sweetwalk'  in=
 July.  The profit was used
to purchase toddler books.  The annual Dutch Auction was scheduled for Oct.=
 1 at the Clark's
Harbour school.  Pubnico Friends of the Library continued their spruce up=
 work with the addition
of a rock garden in front of the library.  Weymouth Friends participated in=
 a local parade this
summer and purchased mini blinds for the branch.  All groups including=
 Shelburne, Lockeport and
Yarmouth Friends are assisting Library Lotto ticket sales, with the draw=
 slated for November 20.

Library Card Month
Library Card Month, sponsored by Cameron Publications, will be held in=
 October beginning this
year.  The change was made to allow school children to get settled into the=
 school year and to co-
ordinate the event with the first provincial  Public Library Week scheduled=
 from October 15 - 20. =20
Western Counties Regional Library encourages all those who do not have a=
 library card to be sure
to pick one up during Library Card Month. =20

Satellite Branch Opens
A satellite branch of Western Counties Regional Library opened at the=
 Havelock CAP site, located
in the Havelock school, on Monday, September 18.=20

CAP Site Launch
A Community Access Program site was launched at the Clark's Harbour Library=
 on July 4.  CAP is
designed to help communities establish public Internet access sites and=
 train local citizens to
make use of information technologies.  It is a joint initiative of Industry=
 Canada and the Province of
Nova Scotia, and is managed by the Technology and Science Secretariat.

Genealogy Assistance in Digby County
Those interested in searching their family tree now have a helpful tool to=
 assist in their research.=20
The Surname Index to the Digby Courier - 1877-95 has been compiled by Digby=
 resident Luella
Marshall.  The booklet lists the marriages and obituaries recorded in the=
 Digby newspaper in its
early years.  The booklet, published by Western Counties Regional Library=
 can be purchased at
www.wcr.library.ns.ca, or at the Isaiah W. Wilson Memorial Library in Digby.

Staffing Notes
Stacey Brown was recently hired as the new Headquarters student assistant. =
 David Coulstring,
who was hired to develop web content for the WCRL Home Page, has received an=
 extension until
December 29.

The School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), Dalhousie University=
 is pleased to start a
new academic year.  Due largely to the recruiting efforts of director=
 Bertrum MacDonald and
graduate coordinator Judy Dunn, SLIS' intake of new students is well within=
 its enrolment plans.

SLIS announces with regret the departure of Dr. Heidi Julien.  Dr. Julien, a=
 valued faculty member
at SLIS for three years, has accepted a position at the School of Library=
 and Information Science,
University of Alberta.  Dr. Julien will be sorely missed by colleagues and=
 students alike. =20

SLIS is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Fiona A. Black as=
 Assistant Professor
effective 1st July 2001.  Dr. Black's research has focussed on aspects of=
 the history of print
culture and the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software=
 to humanities and
social science research.  Dr. Black will teach courses in the information=
 sources and services
area, information literacy, and related topics.  SLIS would like to announce=
 also the appointment
of Professor Haidar Moukdad to a tenure-track position effective 1st July=
 2001. Professor
Moukdad is currently completing his Ph.D. at McGill University.  Professor=
 Moukdad has held a
Lecturer position at SLIS since 1999, where he has been teaching courses=
 that emphasize
aspects of information technology including: Database Management Systems,=
Systems, and Information Retrieval.  Professor Moukdad's research has=
 focussed on multilingual
information retrieval and the development of multimedia products.

Effective September 2001, SLIS will be offering two new dual-degree=
 programmes: the Master of
Library and Information Studies/Master of Business Administration=
 (MLIS/MBA), and the Master of
Library and Information Studies/Master of Public Administration (MLIS/MPA). =
 Dalhousie is the
first Canadian university to offer these two degree combinations.=20

Dr. Norman Horrocks, Professor Emeritus, has been named the 2001 recipient=
 of the American
Library Association's John Ames Humphrey / OCLC / Forest Press Award for "a=
contribution to international librarianship."  The prize of $1,000 and a=
 certificate were presented to
Dr. Horrocks at the 2001 conference of the American Library Association.

For further information about these or any other SLIS activities and=
 programmes, contact the
Director, Bertrum MacDonald, at [log in to unmask], (902) 494-2472 or visit=
 the web site at:

Those who search the NcompasS catalogues will have noticed a new selection -=
 the Nova Scotia
Provincial Library catalogue.=20

This new feature allows patrons to limit their search to NSPL's own=
 collections, and view detailed
holdings.  As many of you know, NSPL has a significant collection of=
 periodicals and books on
librarianship, with special emphasis on public libraries.  This valuable=
 resource is available to
anyone for consultation at the Provincial Library.  As well, these materials=
 can be borrowed by
members of the Nova Scotia library community, including students in NSCC's=
 Library Technician
Program and the School of Library and Information Studies at Dalhousie. =
 They are also available
through the Interlibrary Loan service at your local library.=20

NSPL's catalogue also includes the Ready Reference and General Reference=
 collections which
support the back-up reference service NSPL provides to public libraries and=
 other libraries in the
Province.  These resources can be consulted on site at the Nova Scotia=
 Provincial Library, and
some are also available on ILL.

For more information on borrowing and ILL at NSPL, please contact Dale=
 MacMillan, 424-2479, or
[log in to unmask]

Dr. Charles R. McClure visited Nova Scotia September 21-22, 2001.  The visit=
 was sponsored by
the Nova Scotia Provincial Library, the Library Boards Association of Nova=
 Scotia, Dalhousie
School of Library and Information Studies, Dalhousie University Libraries,=
 SLIS Associated
Alumni, and CASLIS Atlantic Chapter.

Dr. McClure is the Francis Eppes Professor of Information Studies at the=
 School of Information
Studies and the Director of the Information Use Management and Policy=
 Institute at Florida State
University, Tallahassee, Florida.  Dr. McClure is a highly respected=
 researcher, writer, and
presenter in the field of measuring the effectiveness of library services. =
 He recently served as the
principal investigator for the APLEN (Alberta Library Electronic Network)=
 Project, devising
measures to determine he success of libraries in a province-wide network.

On September 21, Dr. McClure addressed nearly 100 students, librarians, and=
 trustees on Key
Issues in the Transition to the Networked Environment.  Some of the issues=
 he challenged the
audience with included:  why provide digital reference service, how do=
 libraries measure what they
are doing in a digital environment, what is the cost of digital reference=
 service versus traditional
reference services, how can libraries ensure that the technology is kept=
 current and what can
libraries stop doing to enable them to move into the digital reference=

On September 22, Dr. McClure presented a workshop on Developing Statistics=
 and Performance
Measures for the Networked Environment.  During the three hour session, he=
 guided participants
in how to measure the success of digital library service.  Although many=
 measures were
presented, he counselled librarians and trustees to collect data on three or=
 four activities that are
most important for their particular library.  The key point was that no one=
 set of statistics will suit
every library.  Statistics are used to make a point, thus the ones chosen=
 must be appropriate to
the point being made.

Along with choosing appropriate measures, Dr. McClure gave guidance on=
 developing a virtual
reference service.  For instance, the focus of the library's web site should=
 be what users can do
there rather than content.  Libraries need to find out what users think=
 about their web sites and
how they use them.

In summary, libraries need to rethink reference and reference services;=
 develop, test, and refine
new statistics;  and measures and become better at sharing knowledge and=

Regional libraries were well represented at the 13th National Conference on=
 Learning Disabilities,
held September 27-29 at the World Trade and Convention Centre.  NSPL booked=
 a booth, the
regional library display unit was set up, and a number of useful contacts=
 were made.  Virginia
Stoddard, Cathy d'Entremont (WCRL), Rinda Revege (HRL), and Gillian Webster=
 (NSPL) spent
time in the booth.  800 delegates from across the country attended the=
 conference.  The VISUNET
brochure was included in all their registration packages, and generated a=
 number of questions.=20
Many people were unaware that libraries carried talking books, or that=
 inter-library loan even
existed.  The conference generated a number of follow-up contacts, and ideas=
 on how to provide
appropriate library services to this under served group.

CLA President Margaret Law has issued a Call for Proposals for sessions for=
 the joint conference
of the Canadian Library Association and the Atlantic Provinces Library=
 Association to be held in
Halifax, Nova Scotia June19-22, 2002.  Session proposals for the conference=
 program are invited
from all CLA divisions, sections, interest groups and committees, from=
 members of APLA and from
members of the library community.  The theme for the conference is Inventing=
 our Future.  The
2002 conference will pilot a new program format.  The program will be=
 divided into five streams or
topic areas. =20

The streams will run concurrently and are:=20
     Policy issues: Sessions in this stream include any national issues that=
 CLA is involved with
     in. This might include such topics as copyright, services to persons=
 with disabilities,
     telecommunications/band width, Internet filtering, GATS, etc.=20
     Human resource issues: Sessions in this stream might include personnel=
 issues, such as
     succession planning, supervision, mentor ship programs, continuing=
     competency based hiring, management skills, etc.=20
     Technology issues: Sessions in this stream might include new=
 technologies, adapting to
     technological change, technology related to new kinds of collections,=
 digitization projects,
     Service issues: Sessions in this stream could include topics related to=
 both library
     programming and collections, as well as reference and circulation=
     Focus on the Atlantic Provinces: Sessions in this stream will focus on=
 library and
     information issues in the Atlantic Provinces.

The choice of sessions for the program will be made by the Program=
 Committee, chaired by
President Margaret Law.  Groups and individuals wishing to propose sessions=
requested to complete the Conference Event Form (in pdf format) on the CLA=
 website and submit
it to Brenda Shields ([log in to unmask]). The deadline for proposals is=
 October 31, 2001.=20
Proposals for pre-conference events may also be submitted.  Complete the=
 Preconference Event
Form (also in pdf format) and submit it as above.

The proposals are to include a brief outline of the proposed program,=
 including its relation to the
theme, the name of the speaker (the format will permit only one speaker per=
 session), the
appropriate stream, and a draft budget.=20

For more details on the program consult Changes Proposed to CLA Halifax As=
 Approved by CLA
Executive Council, June 13, 2001.  All CLA units will be contacted=
 individually for the details on
business meetings and social events.=20

The 2001 SRP (Summer Reading Programme), Don't Bug me...I'm Reading!/Je=
 m'emb=88te pas...je
lis!, with its theme of all things buggy, appears to be the most popular=
 programme to date!  An
estimated 13,000 children visited their local public library, either in=
 person or via the Web, reading
numerous books and participating in various theme related activities.

The conclusion of this year's programme was celebrated by the annual=
 province wide draw for a
Bag of Books donated by Tattletales Books Ltd., Penhorn Mall, Dartmouth in=
 mid September.  This
year's winners were S=82bastien McBride from AVRL in the pre-school to six=
 age category; Keagan
Nickerson from WCRL in the seven to nine age category; and Stephanie Smith=
 from CBRL in the
10 to 12 age category.  Congratulations to all who participated in this=
 year's SRP!   =20

Here are some more reference questions referred to the Provincial Library by=
 the Regional
Public Libraries which were answered using resources found on the Internet.=

Q.  Would like to find the population statistics for towns in Annapolis=
 County and Kings County in
Nova Scotia.

A.  At the Statistics Canada site at http://www.statcan.ca/start.html, click=
 on the "Community
Profiles" bar at the top of the page.  The search form here enables you to=
 search for census figures
for any town in Canada.  Census figures for 1996 and 1991 are here for each=
 town but note that
this isn't a good source of information for certain communities where the=
 only data given is for the
larger subdivision of the county municipality which they are a part of.  For=
 example, the search for
Greenwood finds the population figure for Kings County, Subdivision A which=
 is 22,700 for 1996.=20
The population of Greenwood is included in this figure but not given=
 separately.  The actual
population figures for towns such as Kentville, Middleton and Windsor are=

Q.  Wants to know the meaning of the German word "twen".

A.  At Martindale's Language & Translation Center at
http://sun2.lib.uci.edu/HSG/Language.html browse to find the German/Deutsch=
 section.  Two of
the dictionaries listed here have this word.  The "ENGLISH-GERMAN"=
ZERES W=94rterbuch Online at http://www.zeres.de/dict/index.html gives the=
 definition as a
"person in their twenties".  The "ENGLISH-GERMAN" "DEUTSCH-ENGLISCH" - LEO=
Everything Online) Dictionary at http://www.dict.leo.org/ gives the use=
 "youth market - der
Twen-Markt".   yourDictionary.com at http://www.yourdictionary.com/ is a=
 similar site to
Martindale's Language & Translation Center.=20
At this site select German from the "Language Dictionaries" section.  There=
 is one dictionary here,
the HarperCollins German-English Dictionary at http://wordreference.com/=
 which has a definition
of "twen" as a "person in his/her twenties".

With Remembrance Day approaching on November 11, it seems like a good time=
 to highlight some
authoritative sources of information on Canadian military history.

The History section of the Veterans Affairs Canada site at   =20
http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/general/sub.cfm?source=3Dhistory is also available=
 in French at
  Information on
the role of Canadians in the First World War, the Second World War and the=
 Korean War can be
found here.  The Records & Collections section at
http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/general/sub.cfm?source=3Dcollections has links to=
 the Books of
Remembrance where you can display pictures of the sections of the books=
 where particular names
of soldiers who were killed are listed.  The Records & Collections section=
 also has a link to the
Canadian Virtual War Memorial at http://www.virtualmemorial.gc.ca/.  This is=
 a searchable
registry of information about the graves and memorials of more than 116,000=
 Canadians and
Newfoundlanders.   Information on Medals and Decorations at
extensive pictures and information from the book, Canadian Orders,=
 Decorations and Medals,
copyright, The Unitrade Press of Toronto.

=46rom Colony to Country: a Reader's Guide to Canadian Military History at=
http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/2/13/ is a bilingual pathfinder prepared by the=
 National Library of Canada.
This is a comprehensive guide which includes monographs, Websites, historic=
 sites, oral histories,
pictorial sources, fiction and drama, and sources of genealogical and family=
 history information.=20
The information is arranged under four headings: General Section, Northwest=
 Campaign, South
African War, and World War I and each of these sections has subheadings.=20

The Canadian War Museum at http://www.warmuseum.ca/ is a bilingual site=
 where there is
access to the online catalogue of the Libraries and Archives of the Canadian=
 Museum of
Civilization and the Canadian War Museum at=
 http://.geoweb.civilization.ca:8001/.  This catalogue
can be reached through the Quick Links menu at the top of the main page. =
 The Collections bar
links to a searchable catalogue of the artifacts of the Canadian Museum of=
 Civilization at
http://collections.civilization.ca/ which is composed of the Canadian Museum=
 of Civilization and
the Canadian War Museum.

The Directorate of History and Heritage of the Dept. of National Defence at
http://www.dnd.ca/hr/dhh/ is another bilingual site.  The History and=
 Archives section leads to the
Historical Resource Center at
 where a number
of online resources can be accessed through the pop-up menu.  These include=
 the Canadian
Battle Series, a series of 17 brochures each detailing an historic battle in=
 which Canadians

There is also an Archival Holdings database and a Library Holdings=
 catalogue.  Both of these are
currently in Adobe Acrobat but there are plans to make them web-based.  In=
 the Historical Books
section select "Out of Circulation" from the drop-down menu to access the=
 full text of several books
produced by the Directorate of History and Heritage.  These are also=
 available through the
Publications section on the main page.  Another link on the main page is to=
 Significant Dates at
http://www.dnd.ca/hr/dhh/dates/engraph/significant_dates_e.asp?cat=3D8. =
 This section has
menus which pop-up to select significant dates in Canadian military history=
 accompanied by brief
information about each.

On a local note Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library has a page of links to=
 pictures of the war
monuments in their area on their web site at=
 http://www.parl.ns.ca/projects/cenotaph.  From
their main page this can be found by clicking on "Local History & Culture"=
 and then "War
Cenotaphs".  There is also a  "More Veterans" link here which has the names=
 of local war veterans
and pictures of newspaper clippings about them and a "Miscellaneous" section=
 which has pictures
of World War II newspapers photographs from local newspapers.  This War=
 Cenotaph project was
sponsored by Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library and LibraryNet.

Web sites which were featured in previous "Linked" columns are now arranged=
 by subject category
on the Reference Services page of the Provincial Library web site at
http://www.library.ns.ca/reference/index.html.   If you have any suggestions=
 about future topics
for this column please contact Carol Morris at [log in to unmask]

In this months column, two recent additions to the professional collection=
 are featured.  These
items can be borrowed through regular interlibrary loan channels.  Please=
 send requests via email
to Dale MacMillan at [log in to unmask]

Paling, Stephen - A hardware and software primer for librarians: vendor=
 forgot to tell you.  Lanham,
Md: Scarecrow Press, 1999. Call #: PROF 004 .16 Pal

This book is written for an audience outside the information technology=
 field.  It is intended to be a
guide for librarians who received their training before the current emphasis=
 on technology and for
directors faced with writing budgets and specifications for technology they=
 understand as low-end
users.  It discusses hardware such as expansion cards, CPU's, memory and=
 printers and reviews
whole systems as well.  In addition, it compares software packages and=
 operating systems and
addresses integrating hardware and software to match the needs of libraries.

Soete, George J. - The library meeting survival manual.  San Diego, Calif:=
 Tulane Street
Publications, 2000.     Call #: PROF 025 .1 Soe

The author has written this book to address the special circumstances of=
 libraries and to propose
realistic strategies for improving library meetings.  The basic assumption=
 of this book is that
because librarians spend so much time attending meetings and have such a=
 dependence on them
to run their institutions, that they are motivated to make fundamental=
 changes in their meetings to
improve their effectiveness.  Some of the features of this book include a=
 tool for diagnosing your
meetings, twelve practical actions for making your meetings more productive=
 and satisfying, a
planning checklist and job aids - forms that will help the reader implement=
 the actions he/she
decides to take.

Credits go to:
Louise Spiteri, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information=
 Studies, Dalhousie University=20


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