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APLA-LIST  May 2001

APLA-LIST May 2001


THE DISSEMINATOR V.8, N.3 April 2001


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THE DISSEMINATOR        ISSN:1208-2473
V.8, N.3 April 2001
An electronic newsletter from the Nova Scotia Provincial Library

3770 Kempt Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4X8
(902) 424-2457; FAX (902) 424-0633
Also available on the Web at:

To subscribe to THE DISSEMINATOR, send a message to
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News from the Regions
EDnet Bandwidth Upgrade At the Alderney Gate Library
CAP in the Annapolis Valley
News from the School of Library and Information Studies, Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia Provincial Library News
Staffing Notes
Hot Tips and Updates

Where They Are Now
Reference on the Net
Professional Reading

Annapolis Valley Regional Library (AVRL)
Smart Communities
The Western Valley Smart Communities project will provide funding to a
Smart Libraries project.  In partnership with the Western Counties Regional
Library a virtual library will be developed to deliver on-line services,
expanding the offerings of the library to the public.  Although the Western
Valley Smart Communities project targets the Annapolis and Digby County
areas, the Smart Libraries Project will benefit all users of the region
with a state of the art web presence.

Increased functionality in the web based catalogue is in the testing stage.
 Some of the new features that will be available to the public will be the
ability to look at their account, showing the material they have on loan,
renew their own books, and easily place holds on desired material.  These
services will be promoted as part of the Virtual Library offerings.

Branch Services Report
The March Break programmes held in several libraries across the Valley
proved to be wildly popular!

"Al Bernard's Magic Show" was offered in three branches.  At the Annapolis
Royal Library, attendance was 65; at the Middleton Library, attendance was
also 65; and at the Kentville branch, the Story Time/Magic Show attendance
reached 100.

Mermaid Theatre programmes were filled to capacity at the Wolfville
Library.  Two Puppet-Making workshops and two Mask-Making workshops allowed
60 children to participate in these fun and educational activities.  On
April 7th, the Annapolis Royal Library held an Easter Egg Craft & Story
Time for ages 5 - 12.  Children worked with styrofoam egg forms, scrap
material, ribbon, sequins, etc. to create their works of art.  Registration
was limited to 20, and all slots were filled.

The Wolfville Library CAP Lab held a Safe Internet Seminar on April 25th.
Four guest speakers including Sgt. Langille of the Technology Crime Unit,
RCMP Halifax discussed the issues and answered questions.  Upcoming events
include a Professional Development Workshops Series of four career-related
workshops at the Annapolis Royal Library throughout May.  This is offered
courtesy of the Mentoring Program, Western Valley Development Authority.
There will be a Marketing Workshop Series of four small business workshops
at the Middleton Library in May-June. Courtesy of the Mentoring Program,
Western Valley Development Authority.

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library has published its first book.  The
book was written and compiled by Nick Kasteljanov, CAP Lab Manager.  It is
called GET INTO IT - Your Very Own Handy Dandy Reference Brochure.  This is
a collection of brochures produced in the Wolfville Memorial Library CAP
Lab that were developed to support AVRL computer courses.  They reflect the
methods used to teach various age groups during the past two years.
Everything a beginner needs is here and the content includes information on
how to make a Web Page of your own.

The Collection includes:
Absolute Beginners, Windows O.S., Keyboarding, Intro To MS Office, MS Word,
MS PowerPoint, WWW, E-mail, Scanning, Intro To Computer Graphic Design,
Easy Web Page Design.

This title may be ordered for $10.00 from the CAP Lab's web page at:

Cape Breton Regional Library (CBRL)
Library Card Month
Library Card Month at the Cape Breton Regional Library in March was a great
success.  New library card registrations were the highest they have been
for one month in more than twenty years.  With the support of the local
daily newspaper, the Cape Breton Post and the CBC Radio afternoon show,
Mainstreet, the library surpassed its membership goal by more than 200
members.  The original goal for Library Card Month was to increase library
membership by 1300 during March.  Actual registration was 1508.

During March, the Cape Breton Post ran many stories and features about the
Library's activities and services.  Of particular interest was the
information box that ran on page two of the newspaper each day of March.
The box contained a tip on improving reading, a library or literacy fact,
and the titles of a new adult and a new child's book going into circulation
on that day.  This feature drew much attention and many comments during the
month.  Not only did Library Card Month meet the goal of increased
membership, it also spread awareness of public libraries and their services
in Cape Breton and Victoria Counties.

Staff from the thirteen branch libraries and two bookmobiles helped to make
this project a success.  These great results are even more impressive
considering that the two largest library branches in the region, McConnell
and Glace Bay, started on-line services to the public in mid-March.  As
these branches have the highest registrations, the staff were especially
busy during the month with the many changes taking place.  They deserve
recognition for their grace and calm under pressure.

GED Destinations Project
The Gates Training Centre at the McConnell Library in Sydney has become
even more valuable to adult learners in the area thanks to support from the
local Human Resources Development Canada office.  HRDC has provided funding
for the purchase of Destinations software for five terminals in the Gates
Training Centre and two new staff for a one year period, a teacher and a
lab assistant.

Destinations is a computerized educational software package specifically
designed to prepare potential GED (Generalized Educational Development)
Program participants to write the GED tests.  The software is easy to use
and helps to develop critical academic skills such as math, reading,
writing, spelling, science and social studies while also enhancing the
learner's computer skills.

With this service, more people can get the training necessary to complete
the GED tests.  The project will maximize use of the Gates Computer
Training Centre by offering the GED service evenings and weekends, and when
training classes and staff training are not being done.  Enthusiasm for
this service is high and after only one week, we have twenty people
registered in the programmes.

Colchester-East Hants Regional Library (CEHRL)
Teen Friends of the Library
The Teen Friends of the Library is flourishing!  A theatre workshop by
Brian Sears of Hubtown Theatre prompted the creation of the Teen Friends
Players, whose first production, The Secret at Polk Street School, was
performed during March break for an enthusiastic audience age 5 and up.
The performance was taped by the local cable TV for its community programme
Plugged In and in May there will be a return engagement at the
International Tulip Festival.

The Teen Friends' advisory panel reviews books and videos and makes
recommendations for additions to the library's collection.

In March, members formed a team to bowl in support of Big Brothers, Big
Sisters and in only a couple of days raised $150!

Also in March, Lynda Marsh, Administrator of Youth Services and Janet Tuff,
Teen Friends Coordinator, spoke to students taking a course in young adult
services at the Dalhousie School of Library Information Studies.  The
presentation was very well received and after the class an enthusiastic
student approached Janet for more information on the Teen Friends.  He will
be returning very shortly to his native country in the Himalayas, the
kingdom of Bhutan, where he will be in charge of programming for the young
people of his country.

Seniors Programming
From youth to seniors - every second Wednesday morning, Daphne Cragg,
Administrator of Adult and Extension Services leads a newly-formed book
discussion group at a local extended care facility.  Beginning with the
poems of Elizabeth Bishop and A. E. Housman, the group has moved on to
tackle books ranging from Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence, to Kuki
Gallman's I Dreamed of Africa, and Bill Lishman's Father Goose.  The
average age of the participants is 92 years.  Some read the selected book,
others don't.  Everyone offers a comment and an opinion.  The object of the
exercise, from Daphne's point of view at least, is for everyone to have a
satisfying chat and a good laugh.

Is a moving day in the future for the library's overcrowded Truro branch
and headquarters?  The Old Normal College building, a town-owned heritage
property, is vacant and the library is one of several groups interested in
the space.  CEHRL has responded to town council's request for proposals and
in support of the library's submission, attached a 693-signature petition
that was available to the public for only 6 days; the library now awaits
council's decision.

Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL)
Pre-school children in communities such as Port Hood, Inverness and Chapel
Island are enjoying a series of reading awakening activities offered by
Eastern Counties Regional Library.  The regular library visits to schools
are also enhanced by the presence of a storyteller.  Thanks to a Labour
Market Development Agreement grant, these activities will be ongoing
throughout the year.

The first of the library's Libr@ry Links sites are now online.  Once
automated circulation is integrated into the library's service in schools
in September, all of the library's service points will be online.

Sometime soon in May, Branch libraries will have new public access
computers, scanners and additional staff hours, thanks to an Industry
Canada grant.

Halifax Regional Library (HRL)
Halifax Library launches e-branch
The Halifax Regional Library officially launched e-branch, a new library
online, at a ceremony held at Alderney Gate Library on April 5th.  Speakers
included, CEO Judith Hare, Vice Chair of the library board, Betty Thomas,
and library patron, Calinda Brown.

Brown shared her enthusiasm about the service benefits of e-branch. "It
will help people understand just how great a range of services the library
has.  You don't need to be a researcher - you don't even have to understand
the Dewey Decimal system," said Brown.  She also talked about the practical
benefits for her personally, which really put the whole project in

The presentation finished with a brief demonstration by library staff,
highlighting the key interactive services and inviting guests to log on at
the public access computers and try it out for themselves. Guests enjoyed
an e-branch cake and refreshments.  Everyone left with their very own
e-branch mouse pad to promote the new website address.

E-branch will constantly change and evolve offering up-to-date information
about library programmes.  A special Kids Page section of e-branch is
underway and should be up on the site by late June, just in time to promote
Halifax Regional Library's Summer Reading Program activities.  But as the
Kids Page bumble bee mascot says, BEE Patient!

Here's what you can do with a visit to e-branch:
• Apply for a library card
• Search our collection and request the items be sent to the branch nearest
• Read a magazine article
• Share ideas about what to read, recommend a title for purchase and submit
  your very own book review
• Ask a librarian a question through e-mail
• Enroll in online courses in technology, professional development and
• Find links to other web sites

So turn the digital page at http://www.halifax.library.ns.ca.

Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library (PARL)
The busy CAP trainers have recently been given a 6-week extension on their
positions.  This is welcome news to the many patrons that have come to
appreciate the services they offer.  The numbers of patrons that use the
programme is indicative of the need for free computer training and the
desire for basic computer literacy as well as some advanced applications.
Always well received, they have added a necessary and complementary
dimension to our services.  The Pictou branch has recently hosting some
successful workshops aimed at computer training.  The relatively high
number of persons attending CAP trainer's Bill Rafuse's sessions indicates
this town knows a good thing when they see it.

As a part of the CAP project, CAP Committees have been formed at each
branch to further enhance the services offered.  The CAP Coordinator
Bernice Cameron has invited members of the communities with many
backgrounds to volunteer their time and expertise to assist in the outreach
of the initiative.  By acting as a liaison between citizens and the
library, the group hopes to enhance services through the promotion and
development of ideas that originate within the users themselves.  Monthly
meetings ensure ongoing communication and active participation.  An example
of this outreach would be the ongoing project by the town of Westville to
create their own website.

Andria Hill, author of Mona Parsons: From Privilege to Prison, from Nova
Scotia to Nazi Europe, received a warm welcome here during a recent
reading.  The popularity of this historic page-turner and Andria's genuine
readings continues to rise as a full length account of the story was
broadcast on the History Network and the announcement that a CBC Heritage
Moment will be created to recognize the heroine's work with downed airmen
of World War Two.  In addition, the book has been nominated for the Evelyn
Richardson Non-Fiction Award and the Dartmouth Book Award for Non-Fiction.

In programming news, Assistant Programmer Steve MacLean's position has been
extended for one year due in part to funding supplied by HRDC.  Notable
programming events coming up in May include readings with authors Harry
Thurston, Marjorie Willison and Kent Thompson.  On May 17 and 18 there will
be a special visit by Kathy Kacer of Ontario, author of The Secret of
Gabi's Dresser.  Her visit to P.E.I. and Nova Scotia has been made possible
by a grant from The Canada Council For The Arts and The Writer's Union of
Canada.  As part of the annual Children's Choice Hackmatack Book Awards she
will be reading to over 300 children during her readings in Charlottetown,
New Glasgow and Maryvale.

The date for the grand opening ceremony of the new River John Library and
Innovation Center has been set for Saturday, June 16 at 2:00 p.m.
Invitations have been going out this week to three levels of government
extending a welcome for them to attend or say a few short words of

South Shore Regional Library (SSRL)
The SSRL Travelling Road Show
The SSRL road show has earned glowing reviews during its limited run
engagement playing to select audiences around Lunenburg and Queens
Counties.  Chief Librarian Janet Clark, Board Chair Tom Sheppard,
vice-chair Don Zwicker, and past chair Alan Wilson have been visiting area
councils giving library updates to new and returning council members.

At Chester and the Municipality of Lunenburg, members were invited aboard
the mobile branch to see the library that serves their area. The Chief
Librarian distributed library cards to council members prompting one
Chester councillor to remark that people seldom give them anything!

Library Volunteer Policy gets the go ahead
A formalized Volunteer Program is now on the SSRL policy books.  The need
for staff involvement and a policy arose during public meetings held by the
Community Liaison Committee.  The committee responded with a board
recommendation for a part-time Co-ordinator of Volunteers and development
of a volunteer policy.

Special Services Readers Co-ordinator, Winifred McCarthy, will take on the
Volunteer Co-ordinator role.  Winifred worked with Branch and Systems
Librarian Frances Anderson and Chief Librarian Janet Clark to develop the
policy that was recently endorsed by the board.  The goal of the Volunteer
Program is to
recruit, screen, orient, and place members of the community as volunteers
to support and strengthen library operations and programmes.

The Volunteer Program sets out guidelines for staff and volunteers.  It
includes such areas as confidentiality, on-the-job training, probationary
period, evaluation, volunteer recognition, planning, and others.

Setting C@P sites on computer literacy
Two Queens County C@P sites are expecting  to be busier than ever when
seven courses for seniors begin at the end of April.  The sites at the
DeWolfe Memorial Library in Liverpool and Coastal Queens Place in Port
Mouton, are offering basic and advanced 10-week courses.  Seniors in South
Queens can select from a wide range of time slots and locations to find one
that fits their schedule best.  The library will also do a session on
SSRL's homepage and resources.

Tale of a Sad Dalmatian
It was a sad tale of the book that was borrowed too late for one dog owner.
 "How to Raise and Train a Dalmatian" by Arthur Liebers was recently
returned to a SSRL branch. This sorry, dog-eared, and dog chewed missal
recently made an incredible journey back home to the shelves through a
library book drop.  If only books could talk, this one could likely tell a
shaggy dog story or two!

This article was contributed by by Jennifer Evans, Branch Manager, Alderney
Gate Library:

In January of this year the Department of Education increased the EDnet
bandwidth at Alderney Gate Library.  Alderney Gate offers public access to
the Internet at 23 public access computers, and it is not uncommon to have
every one in use for several hours a day.  Previous to the bandwidth
increase, information services staff dealt with numerous complaints from
the public about the slowness of Internet access: "Why is this taking so
long?" "I can't get into my Hotmail - it's so slow," "Is there something
wrong with this site? I can't get it to load," etc.

After the upgrade in January, the complaints abruptly ceased.  Public
services staff note a marked increase in customer satisfaction around
Internet use.  Suddenly, our 15 minute Internet Express, quick e-mail check
station is feasible.   Satisfaction is also evident in staff access to the
Internet.  Librarians can now access bookmarked sites for their selection
duties at any time of the day; we no longer have to plan to do selections
between 9 and 10 am only, before opening to the public.  Our staff person
who uses the Internet to do bibliographic checking for the region comments,
"A very noticeable improvement to my work life happened when the Internet
service was improved...I can access...sites quickly, keep all open at the
same time so I can visit each site and really feel I can get lots done at
any time of day."

Alderney Gate's marketing plan this year includes an objective to promote
this resource library as "the premiere Information Technology access point
in downtown Dartmouth" - thanks to the Department of Education, we can now
boast of this service.

Community Access Enhanced in Middleton
The Town of Middleton now has several access points to the Internet, thanks
to Industry Canada's Community Access Program and the partnerships formed
with various groups in the area and Nova Scotia's Technology and Science
Secretariat.  The Community Access Program (CAP) works in partnership with
community groups to connect Canadians to the Information Highway and to the
social and economic benefits it can present.

The Visitor's Information Centre will have an Internet connected computer
available during its tourist season.  The Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum
will provide Internet access in its facilities with the installation of a
computer.  There are many treasures to be found in searching the Internet
including genealogy and historic material.  The Museum will also have its
Internet access available by the start of the busy tourist season.  The
Town of Middleton is coordinating the implementation of this portion of the

The Library at the Nova Scotia Community College, Annapolis Valley Campus,
Middleton and the Middleton Public Library are open for public Internet
access.  The NSCC Library offers Internet access as well as assistance from
staff.  They will also be acquiring some new computer equipment as a result
of CAP.  The Middleton public library has received an infusion of new
equipment which has replaced out-of-date equipment.  The site now has four
new computers available for public use, as well as printers.

The public library has been offering computer tutorials through the CAP
Program.  An after school programme has been occupying children in grades 3
- 5 with theme sessions on a weekly basis.  The partners of the Middleton
CAP sites will work together to deliver services to the residents of
Middleton and the surrounding area.

If you have questions or comments please contact  Charlotte Janes, at the
Annapolis Valley Regional Library,  [log in to unmask] or (902)

SLIS Students Gaining Valuable Professional Experiences
This month's column is contributed by Heidi Julien, Assistant Professor,
School of Library and Information Studies:

With the Winter term successfully behind us, SLIS students are eagerly
looking forward to a variety of summer work experiences.  These practicums,
internships, and summer jobs provide our students with essential practical
skills, enhancing their knowledge and their career prospects.  Practicum
placements have been provided this year by CBC Toronto, Dalhousie
University's Electronic Text Centre, the National Library of Canada (Music
Division), the Library/Resource Centre at Pier 21, the Saskatoon Public
Library, the National Archives of Canada (Art and Photography Archives
Section), the University of New Brunswick's Electronic Text Centre, and the
Marie Michael Library at the Coady International Institute at Saint Francis
Xavier University.  SLIS thanks all these organizations for sharing their
expertise with our students!

In addition, several students have been awarded summer internships: Amy
Chow will be spending several weeks at the New York Public Library with
their Diamond Internship Program.  Karen MacNeil will be interning at the
Colchester East Hants Regional Library in Truro, and the Hannah Institute
for the History of Medicine awarded Leanne Wells the Archives/Museum
Studies Internship at the Dalhousie University Libraries Archives.
Finally, we are thankful for the summer positions provided by CISTI,
Dalhousie University (at the DalTech Library, the Law Library, the Kellogg
Library, and the Killam Library), and by the Patrick Power Library at St.
Mary's University.

Future columns will highlight other projects ongoing at the School.  For
further information about these or any other SLIS activities and programmes
contact the Director, Bertrum MacDonald, at [log in to unmask], (902)
494-2472 or visit the web site at: http://www.mgmt.dal.ca/slis.

Nova Scotia/P.E.I. Gale Training on InfoTrac
Stacey Knibloe, Northeast Training Consultant for the Gale Group gave a
workshop at the  Nova Scotia Provincial Library (NSPL) on April 5th to
approximately 20 people representing public library systems from Nova
Scotia and P.E.I. She provided searching tips on the best ways to use Gale
web based reference databases that included:

        General Reference Center/ Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q.)
        Books in Print with Book Reviews (BIP)
        Health and Wellness Resource Center
        Total Access
        Literature Resource Center
        "What Do I Read Next?"

The regional libraries and other subscribing members now have a trial until
the end of May of the latter three databases above that were also covered
in the session, with a view to evaluating them for possible purchase.  For
more information, please contact Michael Colborne at 902-424-4852 or
[log in to unmask]

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Library Technician Program Tour
Staff from the Nova Scotia Provincial Library and Learning Resources and
Technology (LRT) gave a tour to 15 first year NSCC Library Technician
Program students on April 4th.  Jennifer Millman, Instructor, brought the
students of the Introduction to Libraries and Information Retrieval class
to get a glimpse of a working library and to talk to the staff.  Michael
Purcell, Automation Specialist, offered an overview of the new user
interface of the MultiLIS Web NcompasS Catalogue, which will be put into
service shortly.  Sarah Hainsworth, Education Media Librarian, showed the
students around the LRT section and Gillian Webster, Information Services
and Network Librarian, and other staff members gave a brief introduction to
the remaining services of the Nova Scotia Provincial Library, including:

        Reference Services
        Professional Services
        Special Services
        Inter-Library Loan Services

Spring is the season for changes -  in our case to Automation Team
staffing!  Automation Specialists Shirley MacLeod and Michael Purcell are
both moving on to new challenges.  Shirley left the Nova Scotia Provincial
Library on April 26th to take up a position in Charlottetown where the
Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) is
establishing a new Information Centre.  Michael Purcell has also resigned
effective May 25th.  Mike has plans to travel in Mexico before checking out
the job market in the New York area with his wife Pat, also a librarian and
currently at Dalhousie's Kellogg Health Sciences Library.

Mike and Shirley have done excellent work in training and supporting staff
in regional libraries across the province and will be widely missed.  Their
colleagues at the Nova Scotia Provincial Library in particular wish them
all the best in their new activities.

Pam Perry, who joined our staff under the LibraryNet Program to develop the
Extranet for our client libraries, has completed her term.  Pam tells us
she "really learned a lot" during this placement and certainly she has left
us with solid evidence of her good work in the new Extranet site.

While the preparations for the French and English Hackmatack Award 2002 are
under way, nominees for this year's award are busy packing their suitcases,
to set off on tours in participating communities throughout the region.

Thirteen authors, nominated for the Hackmatack Award 2001, will offer
readings in more than 60 schools and libraries across the Atlantic region.
Author Tours 2001 are organized in conjunction with several Nova Scotia
Regional Libraries, the Hackmatack Award Committee, and volunteers from
library and literary agencies in the Atlantic region.  For a full list of
readings, contact the Hackmatack office at the address below or visit the
Writers Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS) website at

The second annual Hackmatack Award ceremony will take place on Saturday,
May 19th, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at the Alderney Landing Theatre in Dartmouth.
To reserve seats at the event, please send a message to
[log in to unmask] or call us at 902-424-3774.

On April 4th, Ms. Elizabeth MacDonald, Manager of Public Affairs and
Communications for the Atlantic region of the Royal Bank of Canada, visited
the Nova Scotia Provincial Library to present a donation to the Hackmatack
Award.  The Royal Bank has been an active supporter of the Atlantic
Children's Choice Book Award from the beginning.  The new $5,000.00
donation will assist with the  development of  this popular children's
reading and literacy programme in both official languages.  It will enable
both English and French audiences in the Atlantic region to participate in
the award in the upcoming year.  Check http://www.hackmatack.ca soon for
announcements of the English and French nominations for the Hackmatack
Award 2002!

Shirley MacLeod and Bernadette Kennedy, both of the Nova Scotia Provincial
Library, attended the first session of the NovaKnowledge 2001 Spring
Luncheon Series held on April 11th, 2001 at the World Trade and Convention
Centre, Halifax.  The session featured Andre Boysen, Co-founder and Chief
Technical Officer of 724 Solutions Inc., who spoke to a large gathering of
professionals from various sectors of the Information Technology industry
in Nova Scotia.  For more information on 724 Solutions visit the company's
website at http://www.724.com.  Mr. Boysen described his approach to
delivering leading-edge service to the financial industry, especially in
the area of assisting businesses to provide secure financial transactions
over the World Wide Web.  He stressed the need for the government to
intervene in the economy by reducing taxes, removing income taxes, and
creating scarcity, to create a "want to be there" for businesses, and
suggested promoting the area as a lifestyle choice as well as a good place
to do business.  His advice to entrepreneurs was to remain committed to
their dreams, focus on a strategy and do it "really well."  For more
information on the NovaKnowledge 2001 Spring Luncheon Series, go to

Friday, April 27, 2001, McMechan Auditorium, Killam Library, Dalhousie
University, was the setting for an enthusiastic presentation by Dr. Conor
Vibert, Assistant Professor of Business Policy at Acadia University,
concerning Competitive Intelligence in the Maritimes.  The session was
sponsored jointly by the Canadian Association of Special Libraries and
Information Services (CASLIS) Atlantic Chapter and the Society of
Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

Dr. Vibert gave an overview of Agency Theory, which focuses on how
shareholders can protect themselves from agents (ie top management), and
described the teaching application he uses to instruct Acadia University
students about competitive intelligence.  His strategy involves students
working in groups using ICQ free online communication software to create
competitive intelligence reports, while critiquing those prepared by other

Dr. Vibert mentioned a number of websites he uses in his instruction.
These include:
        ACB News.com for current news items http://abcnews.go.com,
        10k wizard.com for company filings http:// www.10kwizard.com
        Webfeet.com for industry overviews www.wetfeet.com/asp/home.asp
        Company filings and annual reports http://www.freeedgar.com,
        Findlaw.com for contracts and legal information  http://www.findlaw.com
        Hoovers.com for information on competitors http:// www.hoovers.com

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has released the report Writing the
Future: Shaping the Canadian Library Association in the 21st century.  The
report is the result of a year of consultations with the library community
by a Commission appointed in November 1999 to address critical issues
concerning the Association's future viability.  The text of the report can
be found at:  http://www.cla.ca/commission/comment.htm.  Feedback is
encouraged through the CLA listserv or by using the comment box on the web

On April 11, 2001 the Nova Scotia Provincial Library hosted the viewing of
the Internet Dilemma: Filtered or Non-filtered teleconference. During the
teleconference a panel of four professionals discussed the issues
surrounding Internet use in public libraries and the use of Internet
filters in libraries in the United States.

Andrew Jacobs, Jr., Author, Attorney, and former member, U.S.House of
Representatives, began the session by expressing his concern over the
vagueness of  the definition of  "objectionable material."  He referred to
current filtering software as being flawed and spoke about the need for
filtering tools that accurately block inappropriate material. Next Carrie
Gardner, Coordinator, Library Media Services, Milton Hershey School,
Pennsylvania, gave an overview of the types of filtering technology that
exist and described how each functioned.  She expressed her concern over
the ineffectiveness of the software and the fact that filtering affects the
role the library plays in the community and as a result is best handled at
the local library level.

"Your information, your rights@your library."  Not only was this the theme
of Information Rights Week for 2001, but it was one of the first uses in
Canada of the "@your library" slogan, now widely used in the US by the
American Library Association.  Celebrated across Canada this year on the
week of April 2-9, the eighth annual Information Rights Week focused
attention on libraries' long and respected tradition of protecting the
information rights of citizens.

The week was marked in Nova Scotia by a resolution in the House of Assembly
by the Minister of Education, Jane Purves, and a proclamation by Premier
John Hamm sponsored by fourteen organizations with an interest in the
subject.  A media release from the Department of Education highlighted the
role of libraries play in making information available to Nova Scotians:

                " If knowledge is power, then libraries are a powerful

                 "Access to information is essential for Nova Scotians to
                 participate effectively in today's economy," said Education
                 Minister Jane Purves.  "By increasing the number of public
                 Internet sites in libraries and providing more government
                 services online, we're making information more accessible

                 As more information moves from print to electronic formats,
                 libraries in Nova Scotia have been making sure that
                 access is maintained.  Nova Scotia was the first province in
                 Canada to offer free public Internet access in all public
                 branches.  Partnerships with the Bill and Melinda Gates
                 and Industry Canada's Community Access Program have
continued to
                 enhance the level of technology available to Nova Scotians.

                 "Nova Scotia's libraries are well positioned to meet the
                 challenges of electronic publishing, through public access
                 computers and training opportunities," said Acting Provincial
                 Librarian Elizabeth Armstrong.

                 Established in 1994 by the Canadian Library Association,
                 Information Rights Week is observed across Canada and is
                 to raise public awareness and provide information on such
                 as the Internet and access to government information."

The Summer Reading Programme (SRP) for 2001, "Don't Bug me...I'm Reading!
Ne m'embęte pas...je lis!" is well underway with the arrival of the first
of this year's promotional material.  The theme is one of bugs and nature.
To accompany and promote the annual theme, a number of items are produced.
The promotional material this year includes the ever popular t-shirts and
sweatshirts, posters, buttons, pencils, bookmarks, fridge magnets,
mousepads, stickers, and a new item, tattoos!  View the SRP graphic at
www.library.ns.ca/children/index.html and click on Summer Reading
Programme.  Contact Arlene Watts at [log in to unmask] for enquiries.

The River John CAP site has been garnering wide attention lately!  For
information on the activities there, please refer to the  following article
on the River John CAP site.

Stackhouse, Eric.  "River John Library and Innovation Centre: Community
Economic Development the Public Library Way." Feliciter, volume 47, number
2, 2001: 87 - 89.

AMTEC is holding its 28th annual conference at Dalhousie University in
Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 3-6, 2001.

AMTEC is the Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada.
AMTEC 2001 (Making IT Work: Effective Educational Technology in the New
Millennium) will be held at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Complex, Dalhousie University.  Attendees will have some 60 concurrent
sessions to choose from, each one reflecting current and future thinking
about the application of technology in K-12 and post-secondary education.

For more information, check out AMTEC 2001 at http://amtec2001.ednet.ns.ca.

This article was contributed by Andrea John, Information Management
Administrator, Nova Scotia Department of Education:

I am now back with the Nova Scotia Department of Education, as Information
Management Administrator for the Nova Scotia Department of Education.   I
administer the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in the
department, which means I receive applications, review relevant records,
interpret exemptions from disclosure, and ensure that people's personal
information is protected.  Applicants range from private citizens, MLAs,
members of the media, to community organizations, and the information
requests are always intriguing.  I also manage the filling of vacancies on
the department's agencies, boards and commissions, and have overall
responsibility for the records management, library and publishing services
of the department.  This job is a departure from all the library work I
have done in the past, but it has worked out very well.

After I left Provincial Library as Coordinator, User Services, I taught in
the Library and Information Technology Program at the Nova Scotia Community

On a personal note, we recently renovated a house in the south end from top
to bottom - that was a huge adventure.  And, I am a proud mom to Paul (4
years) and Nicole (18 months).  While I hardly have any time left for
myself, I think being a working mom captures the best of two worlds.  The
kids and the cat collectively run the roost at home, and make sure to keep
mom and dad in their places.

Here are some more reference questions referred to the Provincial Library
by the Regional Public Libraries.  They were answered using resources found
on the Internet.

Q.  Where can I find a listing of Canadian and American companies which
manufacture products from recycled glass?

A.  The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers at
http://www.thomasregister.com is a good place to search for this.  One time
free registration is required to search.  Using the Product/Service search,
enter the key words "recycled glass."  Only one company is found but  the
term "cullet" which refers to broken or waste glass is used in the product
description for it.  A further search using the keyword "cullet" located
nine companies with the product heading "Cullet", 23 companies with the
product heading "Glass: Ground, Cullet" and 28 companies with the product
heading "Mills: Glass & Cullet Crushing."  You can browse through these to
find relevant companies.  The Kompass Database at
http://www.kompass.com/kintl/cgi-bin/KI_PROaction.cgi which has
international company information is another useful source for this.  Set
the search form to "America" and search "Products & services" trying both
keywords "cullet" and "glass recycling."  This locates 52 companies with
the products & services description of "Glass fibres.  Glass fibre and
waste glass products."  The web version of Kompass provides basic company
name and address information for free, but a subscription is required to
get detailed information on companies.

Q.  Would like house building plans for duplexes.

A.  You can get telnet access to ACCESS-CMHC which is the online library
catalogue of the Canadian Housing Information Centre, part of Canada
Mortgage and Housing Corporation at
http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/Library/accmhc/accmhc_001.cfm.  At the search
menu select "5.  SUBJECT Authority Keyword" and search using the keyword
"duplexes".  This brings up a browse list of subject headings including "
Duplexes -- Designs and plans" which has several books on this topic.
These books can be borrowed through interlibrary loan from the Canadian
Housing Information Centre Library.

The subject of this month's Linked column, web sites on entomology or in
other words bugs, was inspired by the 2001 Summer Reading Programme theme
"Don't Bug Me! I'm Reading!  Ne m'embęte pas ...je lis!"

bugbios.com at http://www.insects.org is produced by Dexter Sear.  You can
search the site for information on a particular bug using the search box on
the lower left side of the screen or browse in the four sections on the
site. The entophiles section has 98 high quality photographs arranged in 14
insect groupings or orders.  Some descriptive text accompanies each
photograph.  Fulltext articles from Cultural Entomology Digest, a free
electronic journal can be found in the cedigest section.  The class:
insecta section currently has a learning module on butterfly wing patterns
and the entolinks section has an annotated listing of links to other
entomology web sites.

Insecta Inspecta World at http://www.insecta-inspecta.com is an award
winning site by seventh grade students at Thornton Jr. High School,
Fremont, California.  It has informative articles on common insects and
topics connected with them.

ALIEN EMPIRE at http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/alienempire is the web
companion to the three-week Nature miniseries seen on PBS television.  It
is about how insects reproduce, live together in society, migrate, and
battle for survival.  Plugins have to be down loaded to view videos on the
site.  There are accompanying instructions for making cricket and butterfly
masks including patterns for them which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat
Reader and printed at

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs) at
http://www.uky.edu/Agriculture/Entomology/ythfacts/entyouth.htm is part of
the  University of Kentucky Department of Entomology site.  There is a
"Read More About Insects and Their Relatives" section which has lists of
books under different subject headings but unfortunately no age or reading
levels are given.  The Bug Fun section has games, jokes and crafts.

For the trivia buff, the University of Florida Book of Insect Records 2001
at http://ufbir.ifas.ufl.edu/ has answers to such questions as which insect
is the fastest flier, which lives longest, which is the loudest and which
is the heaviest. The answers are backed up by research findings.

For the more serious researcher a good place to start is Iowa State
University's Entomology Index of Internet Resources.  This is a directory
and search engine of insect-related resources on the Internet at

Finally, The Butterflies of Nova Scotia by Linda and Peter Payzant at
http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~aa095/NSLeps/ has a Checklist section where
butterflies are arranged by families and an Index section with an
alphabetical listing of butterflies by name.  Both of these sections have
links to a page of information for each butterfly including pictures for
many of them.

Web sites which were featured in previous "Linked" columns are now arranged
by subject category on the Reference Services page of the Provincial
Library web site at http://www.library.ns.ca/provlib/brochure/refser.html.
If you have any suggestions about future topics for this column please
contact Carol Morris at [log in to unmask]

In this month's column, two books of particular interest to public
libraries, are featured.  These items can be borrowed through regular
interlibrary loan channels.

Hooper, Brad.  The short story readers' advisory: a guide to the best.
Chicago: American Library Association, 2000. [ Call #: Prof. 028.9 Hoo ]
The author provides an introduction to the world of short-story writing,
brief critical essays discussing the work of 150 short-story writers past
and present, and a step-by-step guide on how to interview readers in order
to match their tastes with stories.  He offers the reader a detailed
overview of the rich landscape of short-story literature.  Appendices and
indexes are provided to assist the reader.

University of the State of New York.  Regents Commission on Library
Services.  Meeting the needs of all New Yorkers: library service in the new
century: final report of the regents commission on library services.
Albany, NY: University of the State of New York, 2000.  [ Call #: Prof.
027 Uni ]
This report represents the culmination of a two years work by the State of
New York Regents Commission to conduct an analysis of the library needs of
the State of New York.  Through a process of research, public hearings and
lengthy discussions, the commission discovered that access to quality
library service is not available equally to citizens of the state.  Among
other things, it found that one million New Yorkers have no public library
at all and the state's elementary school students often have meagre library
resources and programmes.  The commission makes 10 recommendations which
constitute an overall plan to enable the citizens of New York State to have
a strong library system.

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